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I have known and worked with Janet in private sessions for over three years, there is no one that honors the integrity and direction of higher guidance more than Janet Bass, her meticulous attention with every aspect of energetic work is second to none. This is my second year in participating with Janet’s Intuition and Grounding series, the only thing I can say is…I’m in love! I’m absolutely in love with every aspect of myself I met in this space. Both workshops have been an incredible experience. 


The first course is full of absolute must haves: how to effectively ground, protect the aura, working with chakra centers, running energy…saying hello to and working with all of your divine and innate clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and clair-knowing abilities. This first series of introductory basics have been the foundation of my meditative practice and changed how I not only approach, but respond to everything. Life isn’t as difficult as it may appear; we just need tools like these to assist us with uncovering the magic of what living truly is. 


The tools from the advanced series have taken everything to another level, allowing me to work with deeper aspects of my abilities than I ever thought possible. In this series you will dig deeper into consciously working with and reading energy while utilizing the insights and methods Janet uses herself; opening doors into higher levels of awareness of truth, recognizing and eliminating illusion, ego, the pain-body and so much more. This series offers an awe-inspiring opportunity for introspection and self-healing that few courses offer.  


Randi Christie RN 

San Francisco




My intuition class was something that i didn't expect to enjoy as much, not an easy class yet very fulfilling by the end of it and surprisingly enough I managed to use it by the end of the class.

A part from understanding the different types of intuition and how to find out what is your strongest and weakest, the class helped me find a way to forgive, love and harmonize with everything around me, not only on a personal human level but also towards everything around me.

You will leave the class with a new perspective about who you are and how beautiful and powerful you are.


Thank you Janet.


L.A. (lamis)

2nd year Medical Student





So, I’ve just completed my Intuition Workshop course with Janet Bass (mind you this is my second time...I’m auditing as a refresher!). She’s AMAZING, when you meet her you’ll understand as her energy lights up the room, she’s infectious! You’ll never meet anyone quite like her. Janet understands you have a gift that’s a bit rough around the edges and helps you embrace and understand it. She wants you to learn!  I’ve learned so much about myself and my slowly blossoming psychic abilities. This class, although an intro class, is full of wonderful information like: self care, energy healings and caring for others just to name a few. 

I’m an acupuncturist by trade and my patients love the extra energy  treatments I give them when needed. I energetically clean myself,  my office after work and my treatment  rooms after each patient and the effects are quite amazing.  

The advanced class starts next week and I can’t wait! 

I highly recommend Janet and her Workshop to anyone wanting to develop more of those innate abilities.

Clairvoyance and it’s endless possibilities is an amazing thing. Let Janet help guide you, you’ll be happy you did!! :)


Lesley H.






When I attended the (Energy) workshop that she hosted for two days I was even more impressed with her passion and knowledge on this subject.  She is one of the few people I know in life that has so much integrity for her work and cares a great deal for her clients that she will always be my Go To Mentor/Guide for any future readings and teachings on any type of Energy work.  Her workshops are full of very useful methods and techniques that one can use right off the bat.  And she presents in a way that is so easy to comprehend and is really interesting. I have had Janet do readings for me in the past and they were very accurate in addition to the guidance that she gave me for future endeavors was incredibly valuable and spot on.  Janet Bass is the real deal.  5 Stars……….


Michael B.




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