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The Greatest Treasure Hunt of all is the inevitable Journey within Ourselves

Beginner's Intuition Workshop

with Janet Bass & Crista Chavez


March 22, 23 & 24th, 2024

Friday night 3 hour class / Saturday & Sunday 7 hour class


Friday night:

3 hour evening class 

Start time: 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST


Saturday & Sunday:

7 hour day class

Start time: 8am PST / 9am MST / 10am CST / 11am EST

1 hour for lunch with short breaks in-between

8 hour day in total



Payment plan available if needed


Re-auditing cost for students who have already taken this course



Authorized to share Free Soul Method techniques 

from Pete Sanders Jnr’s best selling book

‘You are Psychic'




Register by contacting Janet Bass

Zelle / Venmo / PayPal / Square

The only form of energy we do not accept is Karma

Let’s have some fun!




The communication from your Higher Self to your Conscious Self in the form of

Visual, Auditory, Feeling, Knowing,Tasting & Aroma



The energetic connection between you & the Earth that keeps you stable & able to release & let go of old energy.


To be ultimately free conscious/unconsciously we must understand that which is driving us from within.  To do this we must become a treasure hunter & embark on our own personal archeological dig unearthing that which is buried deep within us so we can bring in our Own Light of Awareness.  


Each workshop will teach you how to Ground yourself powerfully into the earth so you can let go of attachments to fear, pain & illusion while replenishing yourself with Love & Happiness again from your Soul. 


You can also boost your own natural intuitive abilities with effective visual energetic reading techniques

helping you to clear energy effectively from your own & other peoples Aura's.


This workshop is about you Living your Life on your Terms with visual intuitive tools to support & maintain this.



Six Intuitive Abilities:


The ability to See energy whether awake or asleep



The ability to Feel energy intuitively



The ability to Hear your intuition


The ability to just Know intuitively



The ability to Taste energy frequencies



The ability to Smell energy frequencies


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